MISSION → Provide marketing + design services that define, expose and grow like-minded causes, brands, and individuals for a greater good.

VISION → Grow into an all-service agency for small businesses, nonprofit organizations & causes to make an even larger impact. 


LOCATION → Originally founded in Denver, Colorado, Byrd Haus is now based in Eastern Arkansas. Our team, much like our clients, span across the U.S. — from Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas & New York.


BACKGROUND → Since she was a young girl, art and design have always come naturally to our founder, S. Alex Dooley. After years of working in a myriad of marketing positions and industries, she took a leap of faith to create something that would utilize her strengths to help make a positive impact on the world in as many ways as possible.

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"It's not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better..." [read more]


Owner/Account, Creative + Marketing Director aka "Master of Organized Chaos"

ABOUT: I am Alex Dooley and I am the Byrd Haus “Juggler” aka Owner and Head of Accounts, Creative & Marketing. I am the design skill set, creative strategist and tactician.

I am a complicated, imperfect, passionate, and authentic individual with a story to tell and a mission to accomplish.

HOBBIES: I enjoy coffee (always), my canine children (feed, play, groom, etc.), being an amateur lumberjack, and listening to podcasts. When I’m not working, you can find me at home gardening, blowing leaves, chopping trees, painting, cleaning, etc.


ADMIRATION: Brené Brown is my role model. I admire her modest intelligence, her personality, relatability, and most of all her work on the power of vulnerability, which is something I strive to incorporate into my everyday life and long-term goals.


ISSUES: I care about breaking the stigma of addiction, addiction treatment for individuals & families, the environment, gun reform, voting, equal rights, and the list goes on...

PET PEEVES: Wear a damn face mask, don’t text me, bad typography & disorganized documents.

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"Enjoy the little things in life."
Social Media Coordinator aka "#MediaMaster"

ABOUT: I am Madeline and I'm the Byrd Haus Social Media Coordinator. I am the super attentive, attention-to-detail and love-to-keep-things organized princess of the team. I also like to bring creativity to keep things from getting bland (although Alex already does an amazing job at that). 


I’m happiest being creative; whether that's drawing or crafting something, or making things for our home (it feels special when I make something rather than buy it).

HOBBIES: I practice hand lettering, which I started at the beginning of 2020 as a hobby to fill the gap between finishing college at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville and finding a job. I started it on paper and now I have an iPad where I do it digitally. 

In my spare time I enjoy going shopping for clothes or plants, playing video games, getting coffee and chatting. I’m also always listening to one of my (many) Spotify playlists, the podcast “My Favorite Murder,” and watching Bailey Sarian (true crime).

ADMIRATION: The person I admire the most is my godmother, Lisa Kobelinski. She has always been a mentor for me and I go to her for a lot of things. She helped grow my passion for horses and I always look forward to trail riding with her whenever I go back home to Chicago!

ISSUES: I care about human rights, mental health awareness and body positivity.     


PET PEEVES:Use your turn signal (It’s not that hard), be gentle with others when you don't know them, and clean up after yourself.

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"Just keep breathing."
Office Administrator aka "The Shepherd"

ABOUT: I’m Jessica and I am the Byrd Haus “Shepherd” aka Office Administrator. I am the adaptability and work ethic princess of the team. I can walk on stilts, I am laid-back, quiet and resourceful.

HOBBIES: I enjoy daily walks, drinking coffee every morning, listening to The Criminal podcast and reading the National Geographic Magazine. When I’m not working, I’m happiest when I’m just riding around.

ADMIRATION: My dad and the fact that he taught me how to be independent.

ISSUES: I care about ending factory farming and switching to more sustainable agriculture.


PET PEEVES: When you see me, just wave and please don’t whistle. 


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"See the good above all else."
Summer Intern 2020 aka "COVID Research Rockstar"

ABOUT: I am Maggie and I am an intern at Byrd Haus for Summer 2020. I primarily research and identify COVID-friendly marketing tactics and alternatives for clients, among other things. I’m a Senior at the University of Arkansas majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing. I play the piano and enjoy a good Moscow Mule.

HOBBIES: In my spare time, I’m usually singing (way too much), drinking coffee (no exceptions), or any outdoor activities (while tracking my steps constantly on my iWatch).

ADMIRATION: I admire my grandfather ("GP"). He is everything one should aspire to be—he is kind, loving, hard-working, a man of his word, and someone you can always count on.

ISSUES: I care about substance abuse awareness, ending poverty, and the protecting the environment.


PET PEEVES: Be authentic no matter who you’re around, don’t misuse homophones, and move over if you’re slow rolling in the fast lane.

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