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the story

Byrd Haus was founded in Denver in 2018 by S. Alex Dooley. After nesting for a time in Colorado, Byrd Haus spread its wings and made its next home in the heart of the Arkansas Delta.

What started as a solopreneur shop has since grown into a team of dedicated marketing experts with an array of client relationships developed across the country. The Byrd Haus team brings years of experience in marketing and communications that cut across a myriad of sectors. With a love for the work and a passion for making positive social impacts, Byrd Haus took flight.

“In dreams, a birdhouse represents the intention to support freedom and the joy of seeing others be free. The birdhouse reflects one’s support of others overcoming or transcending their problems. We founded Byrd Haus, which pays homage to my mother’s maiden name, because that’s what we want to do for our clients – provide them with the tools they need to be free and successful in their work.”

s. alex dooley

our mission

We dedicate our skills and expertise to providing sustainable, socially conscious marketing and design solutions that further the long-term success of every client.

our vision

We hope to grow local economies, promote nonprofits, and foster civic engagement through brand development and intentional marketing strategies of all shapes and sizes.

our values

A dedicated team of professionals with the experience, social consciousness, and creativity needed to help our clients flourish.

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

"Thanks again for all your help. We wouldn't have had near the impact with our outreach if not for your video, which got rave reviews."


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