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volunteer week 2021

Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to be a force that builds strong communities, tackles society's greatest challenges, and transforms the world.

How to Find Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that helping others is proven to not only benefit the recipients, but also enhance your own well-being? Whether it's online, at the office, or in your community; whether a vote, a voice, or donation, volunteering comes in many shapes and sizes.

Start here to find the best volunteer opportunities to fit your schedule, skill set, lifestyle and geographic location:

  • Identify Your Values — Do you love animals? Passionate about the environment? Start here to search for what will be most fulfilling use of your time.

  • Look to Your Community — Use your values to look for opportunities in your community. For example, if you love animals, reach out to your local shelter for opportunities to donate your time or items they may need. You can search for Volunteer Opportunities in your area online, or check your local Chamber of Commerce, Newspaper, or City, County & State resources for any opportunities.

  • Look to Your Employer — Does your employer have an organization they regularly support? If so, see what they may need from you and your coworkers.

  • Use Your Skills — Do you have a skillset that could be useful to others? Are you bilingual and able to provide translating services to others? Do you knit blankets that could be donated to Project Linus? Think outside of the box!

Volunteer Ideas

Five Minutes

  • Send an E-Card Lift the spirits of a child by sending an e-card to St. Jude patients with their online card maker.

  • Take a Quiz to End Hunger — Take the World Hunger Education Services' Hunger Quiz online and the organization will donate to help end hunger.

  • Give the Gift of Reading — Donate your old, barely worn books to your local library or a Little Free Library.

One Hour

  • Support Our Troops — Through Soldiers' Angels, you can send care packages, cards, and letters to deployed soldiers.

  • Support Your Animal Shelter — Support your shelter by making sock-bone toys from your old socks, or spend an hour helping with their daily tasks and animal care.

  • Clean Up Your Community — Spend your lunch hour picking up trash in your in your neighborhood, outside your work place, or a local park.

  • Give Blood — Blood is in critical need, and you can help! Find an upcoming Red Cross blood drive and sign up online.


  • Start a Compost Start a compost and give back to the earth and your garden!

  • Tutor or Mentor Others — Whether an hour a week being an online eMentor, or volunteering at your local school, you can help empower students stay in school and achieve their goals.

  • Foster a Pet — Apply to foster pets while they wait for their forever homes at your local shelter.

  • Recycle — Organize a monthly or quarterly community drive to collect and dispose or recycle batteries, electronics, paint, and any other items that require special disposal.

  • Box Tops for Education — Yes, cutting Box Tops for Education is still a thing!

Spread the Word

Once you've identified your volunteer opportunity, spread the word! Recruit others to help the cause, ask your employer to match a donation, and share this post and your work on social media to encourage others to get out there and find their own opportunity.

If you have volunteer opportunities you would like us to share in this post and on our social media, send them to



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