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the psychology of color

why it matters

Research shows that that consumers make subconscious judgments within 90 seconds of initially viewing a person, place or thing, and up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone — meaning a brand palette could make or break a consumers' decisions on where to shop, what brands to trust, quality and reliability.

so, what colors work best for your brand?

Here's a breakdown of color meanings and what each says to a consumer:


  • Attracts Attention

  • Universal Representation of Love

  • Evokes Strong Emotions

  • Increases Appetite

  • Great for Creating a Sense of Urgency in Calls-to-Action


  • Represents Friendliness & Enthusiasm

  • Eye-Catching in Nature

  • Activates Brain Activity

  • Promotes Happiness

  • Great for Making Calls-to-Action Stand Out


  • Represents Happiness & Positivity

  • Quickly Grabs Attention

  • Evokes a Sense of Playfulness & Affordability

  • Encourages Communication

  • Great for Relaying Caution to Consumers


  • Represents Growth & Healing

  • Creates Connection

  • Evokes Positive Emotions with Money & Nature

  • Promotes Balance & Tranquility

  • Great for Environmentally Friendly Brands & Campaign


  • Represents Tranquility & Security

  • Universally Popular with Men & Women

  • Evokes Security & Trust

  • Promotes Productivity

  • Great for Brands in the Financial, Medical & Mental Health Industries


  • Represents Wealth & Luxury

  • Activates Imagination

  • Evokes Feelings of Wisdom & Creativity

  • Promotes a Soothing Identity

  • Great for Promoting Luxury Brands & Products


  • Represents Femininity & Cheer

  • Activates a Craving for Sweets

  • Evokes a Sense of Fun & Playfulness

  • Promotes an Energetic Identity

  • Great for Calls-to-Action Targeting Females or Promoting Sweets


  • Represents Neutrality

  • Creates a Calm Setting

  • Evokes Unbiased Feelings

  • Promotes Practicality Over Emotion

  • Great for Universal Brands, or as a Background or Secondary Logo Color


  • Represents Seriousness & Elegance

  • Creates a Sense of Exclusivity

  • Evokes Feelings of Sophistication

  • Promotes Elegance & Class

  • Great for Promoting Luxury Brands


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