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brand highlight — forrest city area humane society

For November's National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation week, we're shedding light on an organization that holds a special place in our hearts, the Forrest City Area Humane Society (FCAHS).

Byrd Haus Brand Highlight: Forrest City Area Humane Society

About the Forrest City Area Humane Society

Being a member of the Forrest City community, I have seen first-hand the selflessness of the FCAHS volunteers when it comes to the safety and well-being of their shelter animals — or any animal, for that matter.

Among so many other admirable duties, the FCAHS strives to shelter, protect & defend the animals under their care, educate the public on proper pet care & ownership, investigate and prosecute animal abuse in the community, and raise funds to support the programs that make this work possible.


Having worked with the FCAHS volunteers, they know I have a soft spot for a pit bull. So, when a volunteer asked if I would be willing to foster a pit from the shelter, it was an immediate yes. Little did I know I would call him mine just a few short weeks later.

Byrd Haus Brand Highlight: Forrest City Area Humane Society

Meet Major Tom Dooley. I'll spare you the countless reasons why he's so wonderful and get to the point.

The FCAHS vetting process is one the many reasons why I respect and appreciate this organization. Because the FCAHS volunteers take the time to carefully vet their animals — getting to know their personalities, how they interact with other animals & humans, and training them — they are better able to match each animal with their ideal #foster home, and ultimately their perfect #furever home. Major and I are proof their process works.

Byrd Haus Brand Highlight: Forrest City Area Humane Society

FCAHS Resources

When creating the FCAHS website, we wanted to ensure it helped the shelter achieve their mission in every way possible. Meaning when someone in the community visits, they would find the resources they need to foster or adopt shelter animals from FCAHS, report lost, found or abused pets within Forrest City & St. Francis County, and support the shelter through volunteer work and monetary or "wish list" donations. and contact the shelter with any questions they may have.

This is one of our favorite projects to date, and we highly encourage you visit to learn more about this wonderful organization.


Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions, comments, or would like to share your very own #adoption story.



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