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meet madeline

Hi! I’m Madeline, I also go by Madi. I am the Social Media Coordinator here at Byrd Haus! I wear a lot of hats in this position:

  • Create Content for Byrd Haus + Our Clients

  • Schedule Posts

  • Blog Writing

  • Monthly & Quarterly Reports

  • Learning branding + design from my super talented boss, Alex!

My favorite part of the job is definitely creating, I am a creative at heart and being able to design things for clients and get paid to do it is a dream! This job is giving me so many opportunities to try different styles and learn to work outside of my comfort zone.

about me

I grew up in several cities just outside of Chicago. I moved around a lot throughout my childhood, but the city I spent the most time in was Wheaton, IL. I currently live in Carrollton, TX but my family is still in Illinois so I visit whenever I can!

My dad and I on graduation day.

I went to college at the University of Arkansas, where I majored in marketing and got a minor in management. When I started college I was actually studying for a chemistry degree, but I quickly found out I wasn't drawn to any careers in that field. During that time I made a ton of friends, and I met my amazing boyfriend, Brandon, during my sophomore year. We go up to visit when we can, I always love a good excuse to spend time up in NWA. I honestly wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything. Fayetteville is an amazing, quirky, and unique city that offers so many different experiences. There are so many small businesses there, every time we visit there's usually a new place to check out, and the farmers market on Saturday mornings are a must-see if you're ever in town on a weekend!

In high school I worked at a local retailer and volunteered at our city’s equestrian center, that’s where I found horseback riding as a hobby. When I came to college I got into a position at the end of my freshman year at the Center for Educational Access at the U of A. There we assisted students with disabilities, making sure that they had equal access and opportunity in every aspect of their time spent on campus and in classes.

I actually met Alex through my old manager at the CEA, Rae-Marie, who is one of her closest friends. It was truly flattering for her to recommend me to Alex the way she did, almost instantly getting me this position. I honestly don’t know what I would be doing right now but I would for sure not have these experiences and opportunities!

We have two amazing fur babies, Felix and Sheeza. Felix is almost 5 (his birthday is 8/1) and I have had him since college, he was a tiny little kitten and he is now attached to my hip at all times of the day. We got Sheeza last Spring and she is almost 7 years old (her birthday is 9/11), she is the sweetest little lady who just wants to have her tummy pet.

Outside of work I love to be crafty! I have an iPad where I draw a lot and post to my Instagram (@madelinejaynedesigns), I also have a Cricut so I can make shirts and stickers. On the side, I like to make place cards and table numbers for friend's weddings!

A normal week for me consists of planning it all out on Monday; I take care of mine and Brandon’s home, our two pets, and work. Every week is pretty different, I have to shift my focus around depending on what needs to be done, Brandon usually works 60 hours a week so I do my best to keep our home running! –I really do enjoy it though!

My aunt Marie and uncle Doug with me on Mount Hood in Oregon.

I love to travel, my grandparents have been to every continent and I'm hoping to follow in their footsteps one day! My favorite place I've traveled to so far is the Pacific NW. My aunt and uncle used to live in Portland, OR and they had me visit for my freshman year spring break in college. I fell in love with the mountains and greenery, and I’m hoping I get to visit again soon!

We also have plans to (hopefully) visit Japan sometime soon, once it's safer to travel outside of the US. Brandon has been once and we cant wait to explore everything that beautiful country has to offer!

"Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things." – Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I like to live by this quote to remind me to slow down during those special moments in life, I have anxiety and sometimes it’s easy to forget that!

If you’ve read through this whole post then I’d like to thank you! I love sharing about myself in hopes to connect more with our audience and to make new friends!

check out my work!

If you’d like to check out me and my work, I’ll share the links below:


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