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home office spring cleaning

Spring is in full swing! And after surviving a full year of quarantine, it's time to clear out the clutter.

We know being stuck at home has been hard on a lot of us, and it’s important to make your space work for you. Having an organized workspace can help us optimize our productivity and keep distractions to a minimum, so let's get started with our Home Office Spring Cleaning list!

Step One: Declutter

  • Make a List. Grab a pen and notepad to start your list, because making a list makes you more productive.

  • Map It Out. Start by looking over your space and writing down areas or sections that need to be organized — taking on a whole space can be intimidating, and tackling one section at a time will make the process seem less daunting to tackle.

  • Pile It Up. Designate a space for three piles — to Keep, Trash, and Donate.

Tip: Make life easier and grab a bag for your trash and a few boxes for your donations.

  • Sort It Out. Take everything out of those cluttered spaces — we're all guilty of shoving things into stacks and drawers "for later" and forgetting they ever existed. "Later" starts today! Sort these into your three piles, starting with your stacks and moving on to your drawers, closets, and any other storage space.

Step Two: Keep, Trash & Donate

  • Keep. Now file or scan those forgotten notes and important documents and find a home for all the things you couldn't find earlier when you needed them.

Tip: Now is a great time to see what organizing supplies you need for your space (shelves, bins, storage, labels, etc.). Write down any items to purchase on your to-do list.

  • Trash. Take it to the dumpster, recycling bin, or compost ASAP!

  • Donate. Find a box or two for the items you're donating if you haven't already, then add "Drop Donations" or "Schedule Donation Pickup" to your to-do list.

Step Three: Deep Clean

This will really help your space seem a lot more polished and make you feel better being able to sit in a space knowing it's squeaky clean.

  • Dust. From top to bottom, my mother would say. Start with the ceiling fan and work your way down — because when was the last time you dusted that thing?! Don't forget your monitor, keyboard, speakers, etc.

  • Vacuum. Move all your furniture and get in those tight spaces under your desk, inside your drawers, window sills, and baseboards. If you have tile, hardwoods, concrete, etc., go ahead and mop while you're at it.

  • Disinfect. Wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant wipes, especially the things you touch frequently.

Step Four: Air It Out

  • Opening the windows and letting the fresh air flow through the room can help you focus, feel refreshed, and get rid of any cleaning fumes in the air.

Tip: This might not be the best option if you have allergies, so a nice air freshener and a fan can do the trick!

  • Keeping a wall plug, diffuser, or candle in your office can help make it more comfortable and keep a consistently fresh aroma in your workspace.

  • Add an air purifying plant to liven it up and keep your air healthy and clean.


Gaining control of your space again can feel empowering and really help your motivation. The key now is to continue cleaning your space moving forward — try not to let the papers pile up, take a little bit of time each week to tidy up a bit, and get a good cleaning session in once every month.

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