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giving tuesday

Giving Tuesday—a day for people across the country to give back to their communities. Here are a few causes we are supporting this year, and encourage you to do the same if you're able...

Stout Street Foundation

Stout Street Foundation (SSF) provides the necessary services, support, and structured therapeutic community environment to assist addicts in their rehabilitation, recovery, and transition back into society as productive and responsible citizens.

SSF operates as a nonprofit, self-sufficient organization, without primary economic dependence on municipal, state, or federal funding. Within the structured environment, Stout Street Foundation will provide for food, lodging, and specific programs and treatment at no cost to residents.

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit dedicated to ending the addiction crisis.

Shatterproof's work includes revolutionizing addiction treatment to help save lives, ending the stigma of addiction by encouraging open conversations, empowering & educating communities with the right information, resources and support needed to help people recover, and advocating for policy change on state and national levels that will help more Americans recover from addiction.

Treasured Vessels Foundation is devoted to providing a long-term safe place for healing and growth to individuals impacted by trauma from exploitation in sex trafficking.

TVF provides food, shelter, education, and trauma care for survivors of sexual exploitation. We have a passion to help restore purpose and value to each person, while providing a holistic and comprehensive approach in therapy for a sustainable future through intensive, long-term mental health services and supportive programming that focuses on developing stability while increasing capacity for greater autonomy and long-term sustainability in the future.

Local Animal Shelters

Unless you're actively involved in your local pet shelter, it's likely you're unaware of the time, energy, and emotional support the employees and volunteers give to care for the animals and overall shelter needs. These organizations rely on community volunteers and donations to provide animals with the medical care, food, shelter, and resources for a healthy life and adoption.

Help your local women's shelter provide safety and support to victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault & more.

It is all too likely that the resources provided by these organizations will help save the lives of many women and children we know and love.

Happy Giving!



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